I’ve had a passion for reading and storytelling my whole life. Even before I’d learned how to read, I was able to recite my favorite books from memory, page-turns and all. Before I’d learned how to write, I was scribbling incoherent stories in notebooks, stories that only I could read because, well, there wasn’t actually anything to read. When my friends would come over to play, I’d have a story ready for us to act out. Something dramatic. Something with intrigue.

That sense of wonder and adventure hasn’t ever left me, even as I’ve grown older. There’s never been a time where I’ve lost that drive to create worlds and characters that I could share with the people around me. The books I read have gotten bigger. The stories I have to tell have gotten longer. It’s fun, and it’s exciting, and I’m thrilled to finally have the chance to share my love of fiction with the world.

So, hi. My name’s Leighton, and I love magic, mystery, love, drama, action, and more. These are the things I write about, and these are the things I look forward to sharing with you!